This free MLPA analysis software is compatible with data files produced directly by all major capillary electrophoresis systems including:
  • ABIF files (*.FSA, *.AB1, *.ABI) produced by Applied Biosystems devices
  • ESD files produced by CEQ systems (SCIEX/Beckman)
A library containing all probemix datasheets can be downloaded directly from MRC-Holland’s server.

MLPA analysis is done in 2 simple steps:
  1. DNA fragment analysis
  2. comparative analysis of samples
Automatic quality checks help with the evaluation of results.

Troubleshooting is user-friendly and you get tips for improving your experiments.

The probemix datasheet library is updated regularly and the datasheets may include important notifications about probes. It is possible to subscribe to probemix-specific notifications on the MRC-Holland website to get instant information when an update of a datasheet is available.

Coffalyser.Net can be used in different work environments: it is possible to install it on a single desktop or laptop but also on a computer linked to a network as a client or even to a dedicated server to provide 24/7 Coffalyser.Net access to all authorized users. The client-server structure of data storage (a SQL database) allows sharing of experiment/project-related data within and even beyond institutions that use the same server. This system is not cloud-based; therefore, third parties and MRC-Holland cannot access the data on your server.

System requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows (7 or later)
RAM: preferably 2 GB

Get your own free copy

Downloading the Coffalyser.Net software requires registration of your email address. We will add your email address to the mailing list of the Coffalyser.Net newsletter. This newsletter will provide notification of any Coffalyser.Net program updates and other Coffalyser.Net related news. By creating a MyMLPA account, it is now also possible to register for specific MLPA probemixes to receive product-specific updates.

Click here to get a free copy of Coffalyser.Net.

Further information and support

If you are looking for support or detailed information on the various features of the software, please visit the Support Portal.
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