SALSA MLPA P264 Human Telomere-9 probemix

application: Subtelomeric testing
region: 1q, 2q, 3q, 4q
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version: C1
sold since: 2017-08-07

item no. description price
P264-025R SALSA MLPA P264 Human Telomere-9 probemix – 25 rxn € 237
P264-050R SALSA MLPA P264 Human Telomere-9 probemix – 50 rxn € 474
P264-100R SALSA MLPA P264 Human Telomere-9 probemix – 100 rxn € 948
EK1-FAM SALSA MLPA EK1 reagent kit – 100 rxn - FAM € 294
EK1-Cy5 SALSA MLPA EK1 reagent kit – 100 rxn - Cy5 € 294
EK5-FAM SALSA MLPA EK5 reagent kit – 500 rxn - FAM € 1355
EK5-Cy5 SALSA MLPA EK5 reagent kit – 500 rxn - Cy5 € 1355

Please note that both a probemix and reagent kit are needed to perform MLPA.

This P264-C1 probemix can be used to confirm and further characterise abnormalities detected by SALSA® MLPA® probemix P036 and/or SALSA® MLPA® probemix P070 used for broad human subtelomere screening.

This SALSA® MLPA® P264-C1 Human Telomere-9 probemix contains:
15 probes in the terminal 9.1 Mb of chromosome arm 1q
13 probes in the terminal 5.0 Mb of chromosome arm 2q
11 probes in the terminal 3.9 Mb of chromosome arm 3q
10 probes in the terminal 5.1 Mb of chromosome arm 4q

SALSA® MLPA® probemixes P036 and P070 each contain one MLPA probe for each subtelomeric region and are frequently used for initial screening for subtelomeric deletions and duplications. Most of the probes in these probemixes detect a well-characterised gene close to the telomere. The probes in P036 and P070 are different, allowing results obtained with one probemix to be confirmed by the other. For the p-telomeres of the acrocentric chromosomes 13, 14, 15, 21 and 22, it is not possible to design reliable probes. The P036 and P070 probemixes contain a second probe for these q arms, which target a DNA sequence close to the centromere.

We recommend using SALSA® MLPA® probemix P036 Subtelomeres mix 1 and SALSA® MLPA® probemix P070 Subtelomeres mix 2B for primary screening of the subtelomeres. Results obtained with these probemixes can be confirmed and further characterized with one of the specific follow-up probemixes for telomere analysis, such as this P264-C1 Human Telomere-9 probemix.

This SALSA® MLPA® probemix is designed to detect deletions/duplications of one or more sequences in the above mentioned chromosomal regions in a DNA sample. Heterozygous deletions of recognition sequences should give a 35-50% reduced relative peak height of the amplification product of that probe. Note that a mutation or polymorphism in the sequence detected by a probe can also cause a reduction in relative peak height, even when not located exactly on the ligation site! In addition, some probe signals are more sensitive to sample purity and small changes in experimental conditions. Therefore, deletions and duplications detected by MLPA should always be confirmed by other methods. Not all deletions and duplications detected by MLPA will be pathogenic; users should always verify the latest scientific literature when interpreting their findings.

product history
version C1: One probe in the 3q region and two probes in the 4q region have been replaced. Furthermore, 32 probes were changed in length, not in sequence detected.
version B1: Several new probes have been added and the 88 and 96 nt control fragments have been replaced (QDX2)
version A1: changes not specified

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